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A century old organisation involved in manufacturing of High grade Lime, Surkhi, Khakha, rori, cinder and allied building materials.

Started in 1893, Sethi White Lime factory has bagged medals and Trade Fair Awards in 1973, 1974, 1975 & 1976 for good Manufacturing & Services, Operating from
( Unit 1) Opp. Amritsar Eng. College, Manawala (Which is Punjab's Largest Lime manufacture unit in terms of area) and (Unit 2) Choona Mandi, Chabbal road Amritsar. We are manufacturing high grade lime, Surkhi ("Our Surkhi is approved by Archiological Servey of India") and allied building materials.

The firm has served in building the city and suppling high grade Lime for White washing & Chemical grade lime to various Industries.

Our motto is Best Quality, Customers Satisfaction & prompt service.

Special offers for Architects, Engineers, Contractors & Paint Shops.