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Inaugurated by the President of Shree Baidyanath Ayurved Bhavan Ltd. Sh. Ajay Sharma ji on 16, jan 1996. This organisation has grown leaps and bounds in the system of Indian Medicine by stocking and supplying medicine. The key Companies are Baidyanath, Aimil Pharmaceuticals (I) Ltd., Bhushan Pharmaceuticals, Shree Sharmayu Ayurved Mandir, Arya Vaidya Pharmacy. This organisation has done remarkable job in preserving the age old system of Indian medicine i.e. Ayurveda by stocking and supplying the various Ras, Bhasmas, Pishtis, Guggals, Asavs etc. in their pure and natural form as manufactured by the Companies. Special arrangements are made for supply to Vaidyas, Vaidacharyas and Ayurvedic Practitioners at Company rates.