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Sethi group is situated in chowk baba sahib, Amritsar, a place which is having holistic value. Our premises is located at the heart of the city very near to golden temple. The founder of sethi group Bhai Atma Singh ji started Sethi White Lime Factory in 1890. with the passage of time paint shop M/s Atma Singh Agia Singh was setup by his son S. Agia Singh Sethi in 1940. with his perseverance and hard work both of them took strides and elevated the position of M/s Sethi White Lime Factory to the top manufacturer of lime in amritsar.

Later on existing chairman of sethi group S. Pritpal Singh Sethi after graduation in engineering joined business and emerged as market leader in the field of lime manufacturer when he bagged Intercontinental Trade Fare Award and Tranworld Tradefare Medals in the year 1974 to 1976.

With passage of time we have entered in the trade of pharmaceutical companies and now we are having large distribution network of ayurvedic and allopathic medicine, supplying in the nick and corner of asr and allied districts.

The business is now under the guidance and blessings of S. Pritpal Singh Sethi and in the hands of his son S. Prabhjot Singh Sethi, who is working hard with the cooperation of business associates and staff to provide maximum services to the clients.

Pritpal Singh
Prabhjot Singh